Adding Yoga To Chiropractic Care To Treat Neck Pain

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When you’re feeling stressed out, the stress can not only manifest itself mentally or emotionally. Many people carry stress in their neck and shoulders. When they’re feeling stressed out it can lead to debilitating neck pain.

When your neck hurts, the last thing you probably want to do is sit still and breathe, or stop and stretch. But taking a few minutes to catch your breath and lower your stress level can make you physically feel better.

When we are stressed, we activate our sympathetic nervous system, which means we are in a fight or flight state. Chiropractic treatments can be effective in reducing neck pain.

But in the realm of holistic health, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments can be significantly enhanced when combined with mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

These practices offer a comprehensive approach to stress reduction and physical well-being, creating a synergistic effect that can amplify the benefits of your chiropractic adjustments.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment, without judgment. Mindfulness complements chiropractic care by encouraging a heightened awareness of one’s body and its sensations.

This heightened awareness can make individuals more attuned to the subtle shifts in their bodies following chiropractic adjustments, thereby enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

By fostering a deep connection with the body, mindfulness can also aid in identifying areas of tension or misalignment, which can be addressed during chiropractic sessions.

What is Meditating?

Meditation is when you focus your concentration on something like your breath, a mantra, or an image, in order to clear your head. This increases feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid that functions as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter for the central nervous system. It functions to reduce neuronal excitability by inhibiting nerve transmission.

This means you will feel calmer, happier, and more focused. Meditating regularly can actually help you rewire your brain to increase these chemicals.

Meditation offers profound stress-reducing benefits. Chronic stress is a pervasive issue that can lead to a host of health problems, including neck pain, muscle tension, inflammation, and impaired immune function—all of which can hinder the body’s ability to heal and maintain balance.

Through meditation, individuals can achieve a state of deep relaxation, which not only alleviates stress but also promotes a conducive environment for healing.

This relaxation response can enhance the body’s response to chiropractic treatments by reducing tension in the musculoskeletal system, allowing for more effective adjustments and longer-lasting results.

Learning How To Meditate

Meditating can feel intimidating, but the key is to start small. One of the best ways is to use an app like Calm or Headspace. For example, one meditation for breathing will make a dinging sound to remind you to inhale, and then a few seconds later it will ding to nudge you to exhale.

You can also try guided meditations that help you increase self-compassion, for example.

Listening To Your Breath

If you don’t want to use an app, you can try box breathing. You slowly inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4, exhale for 4 seconds, then hold for 4. Even a couple of minutes can be calming.

If you want to meditate on your own, try setting the timer for 20 minutes and listening to your breath. Don’t be discouraged if your attention drifts. This happens to everyone. After 15 minutes your focus will be much better for the whole day.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that combines physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation. Yoga offers a complementary approach to chiropractic care by promoting flexibility, strength, and balance.

Regular yoga practice can help maintain the benefits of chiropractic adjustments by keeping the spine aligned, improving posture, and reducing the likelihood of future misalignments.

Yoga’s emphasis on mindful movement and breath awareness can further reduce stress levels, supporting the body’s natural healing processes and contributing to overall well-being.

Before Starting Yoga

Yoga is challenging but should not cause injury. You might find it helpful to visit your chiropractor before beginning your practice to make sure you are in proper alignment.

Remember to drink plenty of water. If a pose feels like too much, it’s okay to stop or modify it. You can also use blocks and bolsters to help your body.

Starting Yoga

You can find videos on YouTube with yoga classes. Start with beginners’ classes. You may encounter basic poses like cat/cow, mountain, child’s pose, or downward dog.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. Your yoga teacher will be more flexible than a beginner. If you feel a stretch while doing poses, you are doing it right. Even if you don’t look exactly like the yoga teacher.

Many instructors offer modifications in their videos, so don’t be afraid to ease into poses. You want to challenge yourself with good form without overdoing it.

You can also try yoga classes in person. Before the class, talk to the yoga teacher and tell her that you’re new to this. Many instructors will guide you in poses. If you are not comfortable being touched, it’s okay to say that. They can still help you modify your poses if needed.

We’re Here To Help

Incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and yoga into one’s daily routine can provide a holistic approach to health that not only enhances the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments but also contributes to a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle.

These practices encourage a deeper connection with the body, promote relaxation, and support the body’s natural healing capabilities, making them invaluable tools in the journey toward optimal health, well-being and reducing neck pain.

For individuals seeking to maximize the benefits of their chiropractic care, embracing these complementary practices can be a transformative experience.

By reducing stress, improving body awareness, and promoting physical well-being, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga can help unlock the full potential of chiropractic treatments, leading to a healthier, more balanced life.

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