Low Back Pain

Low back pain impacts every area of your life. From sleep to work and all the activities you love in between. If you’ve been dealing with low back pain, it’s time for a healthy, safe, and long-term solution. That’s what we do at 417 Spine. Contact us to get started on your path to long-term relief.

What Commonly Causes Low Back Pain?

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Poor Posture

The most common causes of low back pain are related to poor posture and loss of mobility and strength of the lumbar spine. This can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation, and nerve pain. The longer this continues, the more damage it can cause over time, and the more difficult low back pain can be to treat.

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Improper Lifting

Lifting heavy objects or using improper lifting techniques can cause bulging discs or disc herniations. These lifting-related injuries can result in numbness, tingling, or pain that radiates down the leg. Early detection and treatment of lifting-related low back pain are vital to the healing process.

Accidents & Falls

Sudden movements that stress the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar spine, like car accidents or falls, can sprain or strain your lower back. This can result in severe pain and lead to more chronic problems when not treated quickly and correctly through professional chiropractic care.

How Low Back Pain Impacts Your Life

Missing Out on Activities You Enjoy

Low back pain can make the activities you enjoy and spending time with the people you love a painful experience. Rather than enjoying a stroll through the park, going to your nephew’s baseball game, or enjoying an afternoon out with friends, all you can think about is how much it would hurt your back, so you don’t go.

Don’t let low back pain rob you of life’s joys. Seeing our patients get back to the activities they enjoy is one of the main reasons why we are laser-focused on alleviating pain quickly and efficiently.

Being Unable to Work

The effects of low back pain can cause performance issues at work and severe pain could be keeping you from working altogether. This affects your entire life, your mood, your freedom, and it can even impact your relationships. Proper care for your low back pain is the best option to get you back on track to optimal health.

Sleep Problems & Long-Term Stress

Suffering from low back pain can make it impossible to get comfortable in bed. Even if you are able to fall asleep, you might often wake up in pain, and low quality sleep can negatively impact your energy level.

Poor sleep from low back pain also places additional stress on your body, which leads to longer healing times, making it important that you seek care as soon as possible to prevent long-term consequences on your body.

Ready for Relief?

Our Chiropractic team in Springfield Missouri is here to help you get back to the life you love.

Our Treatments for Low Back Pain

Spinal Manipulation

Our primary treatment for low back pain is Spinal Manipulation. Adjustments performed to the lumbar spine will help restore proper structural alignment and joint function to the region. This gives timely pain relief and increased daily function so you can get your life back.

Spinal Manipulation - Chiropractic Adjustment in Springfield Missouri

Electric Muscle Stimulation

We often combine Electric Muscle Stimulation with Spinal Manipulation to aid in decreasing muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, and release endorphins into the blood stream to help eliminate pain quickly and efficiently.

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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction is integral in restoring normal movement to the spine, as well as providing nutrients and hydration to the intervertebral disc spaces. The gentle, rolling motion of our intersegmental traction tables are comfortable and relaxing.

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Get Your Life Back

Our team at 417 Spine is committed to your well-being and we share one common goal. Long-term relief. Call us today and move one step closer to health that comes naturally.

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