Mid-Back & Rib Pain

Does taking a deep breath feel like someone is stabbing you in the back? Have you noticed that your shoulders slump forward or lean to one side? These are common symptoms associated with pinched nerve problems in the thoracic spine or ribs. Our team at 417 Spine is here to help.

What Commonly Causes Mid-Back & Rib Pain?

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Poor Posture

Mid Back Pain and Rib Pain are common in people with poor postural muscle strength. The loss of normal muscle balance in the mid-back leads to the shoulders rounding forward, muscle spasms in between the shoulder blades and pain that radiates around the sides and into the chest.

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Scoliosis is a common cause of mid back and rib dysfunction. Some people come to 417 Spine and don’t know that they suffer from it. Scoliosis is an irregular curvature to the spine that usually develops during adolescence. This can lead to under and over development of musculature in the mid back.

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Sudden Movement

Sudden or irregular movements of the spine can lead to mid-back pain and rib dysfunction.

Something as simple as bending over to pick an item up off the floor or even sneezing can cause the mid back and ribs to move out of alignment, resulting in pain.

How Mid-Back & Rib Pain Impacts Your Life

Pain or Difficulty Breathing

People rarely think about their own breathing. But when a rib is out of its proper position and is irritated, the simple act of taking a deep breath can cause extreme pain in the mid back or even in the chest region.

Effects on Your Sleep

When patients come to us with mid-back and rib pain, they often complain about not being able to lay down in a comfortable position. Irregular stress on the mid-back region can make it nearly impossible to lay flat or even on their side. Losing sleep is not only miserable, but it can impact numerous areas of your life and overall health.

Low Back & Neck Problems

The long term effects of mid-back pain are severe. When left untreated for enough time, it can lead to significant dysfunction in other regions of the spine.

The mid-back is connected to and acts as a transitional area between both the neck and low back. When pain and dysfunction is present in the mid-back, we often see problems start in their low back and neck as well.

Ready for Relief?

Our Chiropractic team in Springfield Missouri is here to help you get back to the life you love.

Our Treatments for Mid-Back & Rib Pain

Spinal Manipulation

Most mid-back and rib problems are easily treatable. With spinal manipulation, we can restore normal position and function to the affected areas, resulting in a quick reduction of symptoms.

Spinal Manipulation - Chiropractic Adjustment in Springfield Missouri

Therapeutic Exercise

When treating our patients, we focus on more than just fast pain relief. Many patients that suffer from chronic mid-back and rib problems have weakness in their postural muscles in that area.

We provide our patients with stretching and strengthening exercises to help them build a stronger and more functional spine, all while improving their posture.

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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction is a great tool to help restore normal motion to the mid-back. The gentle rolling motion of the traction table improves spinal mobility, helps draw the shoulders back into a normal position, and helps maintain the health and integrity of the disc spaces between the spinal bones.

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Get Your Life Back

Our team at 417 Spine is committed to your well-being and we share one common goal. Long-term relief. Call us today and move one step closer to health that comes naturally.

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