Car Accidents/Whiplash

Car accidents can lead to violent injuries. Especially if you are hit from behind and your neck snaps forward. You could be suffering from whiplash, back pain or headaches. When you’re ready to get rid of the long term effects of a car accident and whiplash, we’re here to help.

What Are The Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents?

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Whiplash injury is the most common injury associated with car accidents. This type of injury can also be called a sprain/strain injury. Whiplash can be seen in the neck, mid-back and even in the low back.

This type of injury can cause lack of overall mobility, ligament damage and severe pain. Without proper correction and treatment, whiplash injuries will lead to long term dysfunction and chronic, nagging pain.

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Headaches are a very common symptom following a car accident. After ruling out significant injuries such as fractures or concussion, we often see cervical instabilities (instabilities in the neck region) that lead to nagging, unrelenting headaches.

These headaches after a car accident rarely go away on their own, and often times can lead to years of discomfort and pain.

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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a very common symptom that we encounter after a car accident. Even though the low back is typically a strong and stable structure, the force of impact can cause misalignments in the lumbar spine that lead to severe pain that can even start to radiate down the leg.

This low back pain can be everything from burning sensations to numbness and tingling. These symptoms are a warning sign that something more severe could be going on.

How Car Accident Injuries Impact Your Life

Work and Performance

Whiplash injury that results in long lasting pain has been shown to have a tremendous impact in your overall performance in the workplace. More people miss time from work due to low back pain than any other problem. When the pain is unrelenting, one’s ability to focus and sit for long periods of time leads to decreased production and more lost time in the office. This often leads to more stress emotionally and financially.

Sleep Loss and Long Term Stress

When you are suffering from pain in the neck and/or low back, the ability to get quality sleep is almost impossible. This lack of sleep leads to long term problems such as chronic fatigue, depression, and poor focus and performance.

Missing Out On Personal Activities

Pain of any kind can have a massive negative impact on the things that we normally consider fun. Missing out on quality time with your family, friends, or even for yourself is vital to both mental and physical health. Don’t let this pain rob you of life’s joys. Seeing our patients get back to the activities they enjoy is why we treat whiplash injury after a car accident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ready for Relief?

Our Chiropractic team in Springfield Missouri is here to help you get back to the life you love.

Our Treatments for Car Accident Injuries

Spinal Manipulation

Using Spinal Manipulation, we can restore normal joint function and spinal curvatures, resulting in longer lasting relief from neck pain. A popular response to neck pain is taking medications to cover up the problem or treat its symptoms. The best long-term solution to neck pain is not medications or drugs. We locate the underlying cause of your neck pain and stop it at its source.

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Therapeutic Exercise

Another effective treament for neck pain is a cervical traction device. This is a passive treatment that can be done in the office, or at home, and is used to help rebuild a normal curvature to your neck.

This simple device helps bring your head from being in front of your shoulders, which is common but incorrect, to a neutral position over your shoulders where it should be.

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Massage Therapy

People who suffer from neck pain often suffer from tightness and stiffness in the musculature surrounding their neck. Massage therapy and electric muscle stimulation both eliminate the inflammation and associated muscle spasms in the region. This leads to fast and efficient reduction of symptoms and gives you long-term relief from your neck pain.

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Get Your Life Back

Our team at 417 Spine is committed to your well-being and we share one common goal. Long-term relief. Call us today and move one step closer to health that comes naturally.

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