Improve Office Ergonomics To Reduce Joint Pain

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Has work literally become a pain in a neck? They say that sitting is the new smoking and many of us now have very sedentary jobs where we spend a lot of time at our desks working on the computer.

It’s no secret that our bodies don’t feel great when we don’t move around enough. But it doesn’t have to be miserable. Take breaks every hour to walk around or stretch for a couple of minutes.

Here are some additional ways to make sure your office setup is ergonomically correct so you can reduce any potential joint pain in Springfield Missouri.

Computer Monitor

Have you noticed how easy it is to slouch over a laptop? When you lean forward your head is not evenly supported by your spine and neck muscles. This position can lead to tension headaches and neck pain and contribute to pinched nerves.

To reduce joint pain it’s best to use a large computer monitor connected to your laptop. The monitor should be about an arms-length away. Make sure your eyes are level with the top of the screen so that your neck remains stable.


If you are not in position to use an external monitor, you can still feel good while working on a laptop. Consider investing in a stand so that you can raise your laptop based on the same principles as when you use a monitor. For a cheaper option, place your laptop on a stack of hardcover books.

Keyboard and Mouse

An ergonomic keyboard is a must for proper shoulder alignment. Try starting with a basic version that is wider than a traditional keyboard. Or, try a split keyboard for even less pain. Just allow time to get used to it because your body needs to adjust, even to healthier positions.

There are many ergonomic mouse options, including versions that allow a “handshake” position during use. Experiment at an office supply store because they come in many different shapes and sizes.


Many people find comfort in a memory foam pad that cushions their wrists while typing. A mouse pad is also a must because it will help you move the mouse efficiently, reducing repetitive strain. Some mouse pads include cushioning for the wrist. You can also buy a very small wrist pad that you wear like a bracelet to reduce strain.

Chair Position

It’s important to try different chairs so you can find one that fits your build. Make sure your feet are squarely on the ground while sitting at your desk. If you need to raise your chair for proper monitor use, you can put a block under your feet. This will keep you stable.

Your chair should be placed close to the desk so you don’t have to reach for your mouse or keyboard. If you slouch too much you can buy a lumbar support pad that will keep your spine aligned.


Proper desk height is essential to reduce fatigue and inflammation in your hands and arms. When you sit at a desk your arms should be close to your sides, and your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. That way your forearms are parallel to the ground and your wrists stay straight.

We’re Here To Help

If you’re suffering from joint pain, neck pain or hand and wrist pain and tingling from carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help get your body back to normal. With our therapeutic massage therapy, electric muscle stimulation and spinal manipulation, we can help alleviate the pain and get your joints back to working the way they’re supposed to.

Call 417 Spine to schedule an appointment and start conquering your pain.

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